Karpathos part b culinary paradise 

Karpathos should be added to all the gastronomy travel sites . Everybody talks about Crete but here you can have quality delicious food in so many different places .

The best way to start your day is visiting menetes bakery in pigadia (you can also find the same bakery in the village menetes). Handmade  bread , large variety of local products (rusks, local biscuits) and low prices .better visit early in the morning to find variety of products .

 Pigadia  unfortunately is the most touristic place of the island but you can find in the harbour some real good places to eat . If you are in the mood for pizza absolutely visit ciao pizzeria . Delicious pizzas , thin dough and big portions . For traditional Greek food oraia Karpathos serves traditional recipes . I loved stuffed cabbage rolls with cumin and couscous.                                        Great view all over the harbour and the sea you can find in I zoi ton aggelon . Fresh seafood and Greek traditional recipes , sometimes live Greek music superfriendly staff. After your dinner you should absolutely try delicious gelato in Alfredo’s and handmade ice cream from a famous shop based in Rhodes (stani) offered in hasomeri. There you can also taste loukoumades, fried dough with honey and rice pudding .

As you leave pigadia you get more options for real good food. Near the airport and almost in front of the beach Christou pigadi there is a local taverna . Fresh seafood and I tasted the most delicious pasta with fresh tuna !! They also cook karpathian recipes such as fresh green beans with squids .we also tasted artichoked cooked with pork:)only for lunch open !

If you are in the mood for driving after visiting the traditional villages of Aperi continue to lastos. In Kali limni lastou you will find Thanasis !you won’t miss it there are a lot of signs . Better visit afternoon or during the day light. Vegetables from his garden , fresh meat , handmade bread . He will offer as treat his own made raki and before leaving loukoumades. It was an authentic gastronomy experience off the beaten track ! Don’t miss it.

 The best sea food probably in the whole island you will find it in finiki. Small cove with some tavernas. To delfini (dolphin) offers salads with their own vegetable , premium quality olive oil and large variety of sea food. I loved pasta with seafood.

One of the best dinners in the island was in the traditional village of olympos .avoid the many touristic restaurants and walk through the village to find in the end the traditional windmill milos. They bake delicious pies with Greek herbs , cheese (from the morning) the make their own bread  in the traditional wood oven , super fresh vegetables. Loved makarounes, meat balls , chicken souvlaki . One of the best places to eat in the island !

 In diafani the best dinner and lunch we had was in la Gorgona.soagetti with handmade pesto, delicious pasta with seafood and everyday homemade sweets.

If you want Greek food ask for mrs foula in parathinalos. Very friendly cooks traditional Greek food .