Donousa a small hidden gem in Cyclades

Donousa is a really small island in Cyclades with unspoilt beautiful beaches with crystall blue water. If you want to relax, enjoy swimming this is your paradise! Till 80s there was no electricity and for many years it used to be paradise for nudists and free campers. The last few years you can find some apartments to rent in the main village called stavros-which is also the port. There is a bakery, minimarket, 2 tavernas and 2 bars to have a drink at night.

Donousa is located close to Koufonisia, between Naxos and Amorgos and you ll need round 8 hours on deck from Piraeus.

Arriving at the port you ll be amazed to see that people are swimming nearby..

This photo is taken from the beach beside the port...
This photo is taken from the beach beside the port…

Fifteen minutes walking from port and the main village of the island called Stavros you find the amazing beach of Kedros. In this beautiful beach you can meet lots of freecampers and no need to carry with you water and snacks, cause there is a mini market, wc, and you can buy snacks, water and daily they prepare delicious salads, with vegetable that cultivate nearbylivadi.

The other famous beach of the island is called Livadi. As the island is really small you don’ t have to get a car to discover its beauties. You can get a taxi (round 8 euros to reach Livadi) or local bus with frequent scheduled program. If you are with friends (8 persons at least you can also call th driver and arrange to pick you up whenever you want, upon request and no extra charge!!)
Arriving at Mersini -the village on top of the beach be sure you wear comfortable shoes, suitable for hiking. You ll have to walk round 15 min a path leading to Kedros beach. The paradise of free campers and nudists. Don’t forget to carry with you water and some snacks because at the beach there isn’t any beach bar and you ll have to walk all way up… kedrosthe path leading to Livadi beach

At Mersini there are 2 tavernas with breathtaking view. The best time to visit..just before sunset. I visited Kori Tou Michali evrything we ordered was simply delicious!

The other part of the island has a beautiful beach called Kalotaritissa kalotaritissa08-2013 ΔΟΝΟΥΣΑ 221

The ones who have a boat will have the chance to swim in small coves that cannot be reached by foot.fokospiliasea view

Good food, low prices, friendly locals, extraordinary beaches..This is Donousa!